About Me



I have loved the arts all my life.

The sheer joy it brings to harness that spark of imagination and create something beautiful, be it composition of beautiful notes or an intricate design is boundless.

Following the gift of two beautiful children, I found myself encouraging others to use their own two hands – to experience that amazing feeling of bringing their own ideas to life but I increasingly longed for a creative outlet of my own too. Shortly, thereafter, Made By Me Crafts was born. We are based in the glorious craft-filled Cotswolds, mostly making clay by day, crochet by night and pebble hunting in between. What started as a simple showcase page on Facebook,  turned into a thriving Etsy shop devoted to clay and now we bring all our craft loves into our very own website.

I’ve  been greatly humbled by the interest shown in my work and the support of my friends and family. I was welcomed into a whole new world of like-minded creatives; equally passionate about bringing joy and happiness to others through sharing their artistic skills and products. We have a thriving community on facebook and I LOVE instagram where I find lots of inspiration. So give us a social media wave from your fave platform. We want to hear from you, We want to see what you make. We want you to be inspired and love crafts as much as we do. Learn more about the MBMC team below.

And just before I go, you will notice affiliate links on some of the blog posts and Made By You Pages. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you. Almost everything I mention I will have personally used and will give my honest opinions.

Love Michelle and the gang x


This is me, Michelle, founder of MadebymeCRAFTS. Be it making a splash with watercolours or sculpting clay critters, I am a one-woman whirlwind of creativity.  Always looking to try new things and get others creative too, life is one big craft event to fill my little world with things made by me.


Favourite craft: I couldn’t possibly choose. They are all awesome!

Favourite make: An autumn-themed polymer clay unicorn I wish I had never sold. I miss it soooo much!

Favourite treat: Maltesers

What makes me happy: Smile spreading with my gifts or sharing creative skills. And making my kids laugh.  Oh and eating maltesers

Superpower wish: To be able to fly and evaporate litter

Why I am awesome: Because I am a dreamer of dreams. And I try and make those dreams come true.




Photo credit: Vivacious Mel Photography

Mini maker - Holly

Meet mini-maker. Smilier than a pebble pet, this girlie looks after all things cute that I create. She is particularly fond of unicorns and sends each one off to its new home with a kiss.


Favourite craft: colouring

Favourite make: Super puppy comic (she wrote and illustrated herself)

Favourite treat: Bubblegum

What makes me happy: making up songs (and singing them VERY loudly) and painting with Mummy

Superpower wish: to be able to do magic

Why I am awesome: I am super flexible and  kind to my friends

Jeremy and Jacob

My husband, Jeremy, with pebble pet inventor, Jacob

Meet the boys. Long-suffering husband, who has to put up with his home being one huge craft room. And here’s maxi-maker, inventor of pebble pets and general errand boy. Chances are he popped down to the post box with your pebble. He likes to see them off personally.


Favourite craft: cooking

Favourite make: secondary school clay dish that my mum still has on display

Favourite treat: Beer

What makes me happy: Drinking beer and a tidy house

Superpower wish: time-travel (to get the lottery numbers and a hoverboard)

Why I am awesome: I never complain about the glue-glittery mess, lack of unoccupied work-top space or tupperwear filled with craft stuff



Favourite craft: building my own creations out of lego

Favourite make: Pebble pets (obviously – they were my idea)

Favourite treat: Murray mints (hmmm maybe mum could make a murray mint pebble pet)

What makes me happy: Reading (with snacks), being with friends and family (where there’s food) playing Lego Avengers

Superpower wish: to turn invisible (so I can sneak food)

Why I am awesome: Because I am

Chester, King of dogs

Meet the dog, Chester. Chester is the enemy of the clay artist; he disappears now when the clay box comes out. He loves to lie on my feet which isn’t the least bit annoying as I get up and down to get more craft bits and bobs. However, it makes him a useful footwarmer in winter when I crochet.

Favourite craft: Anything other than clay (the hoover comes out and I get told off for moving)

Favourite make: Slobbery mess

Favourite treat: Jumbones and visiting family

What makes me happy: Long walks and holidays. I LOVE holidays

Superpower wish: That I was allowed on the sofa. And upstairs. And that I had my own bed upstairs. And that I was fast enough to catch the squirrels

Why I am awesome: I can do tricks and create impressive smells