Productivity problem? Killing it BUJO style. Why bullet journalling is your no. 1 weapon

Productivity problem? Killing it BUJO style. Why bullet journalling is your no. 1 weapon

Game changer? Surely it’s just writing lists. Think again. In the battle to stay organised, productive and sane, Bujo is best. Check out 5 ways bullet journalling changed my life. Plus meet my 4 top Bujoloves

We wear a lot of hats. And whilst, yes, I literally have a cupboard of them, I mean the various roles we play. As a mum, daughter, wife, crafter, editor, and all-round super awesome human being, like you, I have many different aspects of myself drawing on limited time, energy and resources. We can’t wear all our hats at once so we often choose the same ones over and over. Many stay in the back of that cupboard but ironically, may well spark more joy than all the faves put together. Or at least need to see the light of day once in a while. That tax trilby isn’t going anywhere. Neither’s the cleaning-fairy tiara.

For me, bullet journalling is a game changer. It enables me to wear more hats than ever. Ok, Enough with the hat analogy, Michelle.


So what is bullet journalling? Well … in bullets …

  • An analog system created by Ryder Carroll, a Designer based in New York.
  • A way to “track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future”
  • A task manager, sketchbook, journal, habit tracker, crafters paradise
  • Glorified sticky note/ filofax / diary / wall calendar and organiser
  • Your new BFF

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Why is bullet journalling different?

1 – You’ll get stuff done (productivity)

The act of taking time out regularly to write all those different roles in one place, prioritise them and re-evaluate them regularly is like applying Marie Kondo to your life – as you would your hat collection. I kid you not. Every time we go away for the weekend or on holiday, we need to pack the same stuff, and yet we write the same list EVERY SINGLE TIME. All lost by the next trip. Those random ideas and plans, once written down, are far more likely to stick in the mind.

2 – You’ll remember stuff (memory aid)

Missed that birthday? Forgot that deadline? Failed to pack that P.E. kit? Lost that homework sheet that was something to do with making an elephant from a milk bottle which you knew you’d end up doing? Yep. That was the old me. Planning a month and a week at a time means you don’t have to remember all those dates at the same time. As someone who suffers from memory issues – this has saved many friendships and failed-homework stroppy-faced school pick-up shame.

3 – You’ll find time for you (self-care)

Can you remember the last time you read a book cover to cover? No. Not the Gruffalo. Or Room on the broom. Or Stick Man. (We know where you’d like Stick Man to Stick that Broom somedays). Not even that Pyschologies magazine you flicked through on your mother’s day spa afternoon. But an actual grown-up book. Habit trackers, booking onto that yoga class

4 – You’ll find a whole new community of creatives (feeds the soul)

I love Instagram and you’ll find a thriving bullet journal community of planner addicts and bullet journal junkies there and on Pinterest. Check out my Pinterest boards here for inspiration. Connecting with others via ‘plan with me’ vlogs, blogs and videos is a great way to share ideas, meet like minded creatives and utilise skills and tools that work better for you. You’ll learn everything from themes to stationery tips, stickers and washi tape.

5 – You’ll step away from the screen (mindfulness)

In a world of digital and automation, I love the analogue nature of bullet journalling. I enjoy the physical act of putting pencil to paper. It reinforces the creative elements of my personality. Taking the time to plan seems to help with my memory too. I’m far more likely to remember dates of the top of my head now and it keeps me in the present. But if you prefer pixels to paper don’t despair! There are plenty of online and digital bullet journal templates. Check out lifeismessyandbrilliant below.

Sold? More inspiration on my Bujo board here

And check out my fave bujo buddies below:


Manon has become my go-to Bujo inspiration. With upwards of 50k followers, she generously shares her skills in videos, tutorials and hosts Q&A. Lettering, doodles, spreads, habit trackers and themes – it is a super easy one-stop shop whether you are new to bullet journalling or a bujoaddict. The head in the cloud theme is also one of my all time faves. But as July 2019 marks 50 years since the lunar landings; read more here, her space theme was PERFECT for this months spreads. Create your own space spreads by following her tutorial below.


UK-based Dr Hannah Maria has been journaling since 2016. She certainly deserves a masters in Bujo. Hannah also draws on nature but embraces the abstract and shares my weakness for misty pines too. I have insta-envy on several levels. Just check out her fab IG tracker. Making a splash with her fabulous fish and fantastic followers.

The Bujo Buzz

Choosing floral and nature for many of her themes, Jade brings her handrawn ideas to life through her skilful use of watercolour. I particularly love her ‘choose happy’ quote and stunning pink moon. The delicate pinks and touches of gold really compliment each other. Jade is based in the US and sells cute journal stickers in her etsy shop.

Resources from Life is Messy and Brilliant

Life is Messy and Brilliant

Life is Messy and Brilliant is a wonderful resource for those wanting to bullet journal but fearing they aren’t artistic enough. Creative blogger, Jenniffer, put a career in medicine aside to inspire people around the world and focus on her art. And with scores of free printables, college tips, she is leading the way in all things Bujo digital. Oh, and did we mention she is a dog mumma to Rocky too?

Find out loads more about Jenniffer and Rocky. Plus lots of bonus resources in here shop here

Life is Messy and Brilliant Free Stickers

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