Elephants on Parade

Elephants on Parade

Embracing pandemic productivity with Katie Oskin’s polymer clay challenge

So what does a clay artist do when they find themselves in a lockdown? You commit to making 52 clay elephants, obviously.

At the tail end of 2019, before the words ‘Covid’ and ‘Global pandemic’ had reached the depths of the Cotswolds I stumbled across Katie Oskin or Kater’s Acres #2021pcchallenge. (Pc being polymer clay) https://katersacres.com/polyclay/pcchallenge/2021-polymer-clay-challenge/?fbclid=IwAR20SOKvIF9dcpD7wpniJuCTyaVwtB2aLFnN3cZyQ9iS0xIxo5v7vPeF5Y8

Very simply, Katie encouraged us to dedicate just one year to our craft by producing one item weekly on an element or theme of your choosing. The idea being that you will hone that skill over the year and grow you clay skills. It could be polymer clay food or jewellery, or in my case – Gnomes.

It’s fair to say I did not make good on the promise of 52 clay gnomes by the end of 2020 for obvious reasons but my tomte friends formed the central theme of the last 12 months.

This winter elephant combines pinecones and berries of the season

This year, I’ve chosen Elephants. I’ve made a fair few now – and, incidentally, those came about as a result of a theme selected by the Handcrafters Facebook group ‘The Greatest Showcase’. I was stumped as to what I could create on The Greatest Showman film theme whilst adhering to copyright and when inspiration struck, it took the form of our grey trunked, big-eared friends. Not only does everyone love a bit of animal art, there is something just so special about the majestic creature that we often turn to in our home decor.

The beauty for me is it opens the door to so many possibilities. I can adapt the base colour of the elephant as I did with the ‘White’ Arabian style ones or create accessories that nod to pop culture icons such as Elton John or Elvis. I can add the floral and fauna of the seasons or develop polymer clay food techniques with Afternoon Tea or ice-cream ales.



Aladdin and Jasmine

So I invite you to watch my elephant parade grow on www.facebook.com/madebemecraftsmichelle and www.instagram.com/madbyme.clay

Tell me your faves and suggest ideas. I will be putting these beautiful ornaments up for sale at the end of each month.  Those available are in the shop

And If you are interested in joining the #2021pcchallenge it’s not to late and we’d love to see you there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/PolyClayChallenge/

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