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succulent elephant

The magic of a Summer

Never to forget!

two elephants

Still trending this summer – succulents, but with a cool twist. Combining animal magic with colour faux planters.


Hello hello! How are you doing? All set for summer? It has been a positively magical few months for us as we watched daffodils and bluebells make way for blossoms and peonies. Jacob, my son, and I got to meet Gandalf  this month – yes the REAL Gandalf! Being huge Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fans (you may recall that I made Jacob a Hobbit-themed birthday cake following our trip to New Zealand last year), we were thrilled to get the chance to meet Sir Ian McKellen at his show earlier this month. For more details see here: It was a superb treat  as we were entertained with Tolkien, poetry and Shakespeare one year on from feasting in sacred Hobbiton ground, Mata Mata. It reminded me of ideas I have yet to make such as kiwi birds and paua shells.

Sir Ian McKellen

So what’s new for Summer 2019?

  • Elephant succulents
  • All new dragons
  • Dad you rock pebble pets
  • Bride and groom pebbles

My most recent Handmade Showcase saw the fabulous elephant succulents (or ‘Oliphants’ for the Tolkien fans among us) come into being. They’ve proved a hit and I’m grateful to all my Facebook fans for voting for their favourite animal style; overwhelmingly, in fact, for more elephants. These are such fun to make and easy to customise with your favourite colours to perfectly match your home. And if you are not on Facebook, fear not! You’ll have lots of opportunities to vote and interact on this, my new website.

Keeping with the LOTR theme for a moment, there be more dragons here too. Yes, I am thrilled to reveal to you, the first of my new style granite dragons. Using real gemstones purchased at the lovely little Rock and Gem shop in Hawes over Easter, he has Citrine spikes and matching crystal. I’ve read much on the healing powers of crystals recently and I’m hoping this cute fella can harness the positive energy of this glorious golden rock. To  keep him company, I also introduce to you the first of my shimmering white ‘Dream Dragons’, complete with crystal ball to collect and scatter all those precious dreams. This can be lifted out and popped on a chain to wear. A perfect gift for teens or older dragon fans as it contains small parts and glass.

My plan going forward is to use this website to list Website Exclusive items not available anywhere else!

dream dragon
dragons with crystals
dragon with citrine

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