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One thing is for sure – the Bujo movement is bigger than ever and so is the market for Bujo supplies

I can hardly believe its been 2 years since I discovered bullet journalling.

Like so many others, I’m smitten and not quite sure how on earth I ever managed without it. I’ve learned a lot along the way from my Bujo heroes who continue to motivate and inspire me and I have bought a LOT of stationery.

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Now, if you are anything like me you’re akin to a kid in a sweet shop when it comes to paper and pens. Its hard to know what to choose. Too many options – some more affordable than others – and some worth the extra few pennies. So I thought its high time I share top finds from me and fellow stationery addicts.

Here are my bujo essentials

Bujo basics – the Journal

I started out with a beloved GOT sketchbook. It is A4, which was a good size for me, had a bit of tint on the pages and felt a bit, well, Lannister in its quality. The sort of thing Tyrion would write the Westeros accounts in, you know? The reality is you really can use anything to start with. A few pieces of A4 stapled together, a ruled pad will do. I love the legend planner in rose pink. But if you are ready to join the pro league …. Archer & Olive is my current fave

Yes, nowadays, I am firmly in the Archer & Olive camp. Leuchtturm is another popular choice especially for those of us arty types like me who want to minimise any show through. I’m in a fab group Rowan Berry Stationery Addicts and where I get most of my O&A bujo supplies, such as this little lilac lovely, and plenty of treats to self.

Washi tape


The simplest and most effective way to prettify (is that a word?) and quickly section off your pages. A handy way to cover any mistakes, create little tabs or frame content. There are 1000s of designs to suit every budget. You can even create your own with some paint and a bit of masking tape.


Now, I have never actually bought a bujo stencil. BUT whether its a board game insert which held cardboard pieces, an Easter egg box even a hot chocolate lid I will squirrel away those little treasures as templates for my pages.

Super quick and easy ways to create layouts in seconds. And not a ruler or compass in sight.

Which is just as well – as the kids never know where those are when I need them.

Pens and pencils

If you are starting out that random collection of highlighters, pound shop gel pens, biros even the kids crayolas are great. But when you are ready to up your game here’s what you’ll need:


A clicky pencil

Or mechanical pencil if you prefer. It creates nice sharp crisp edges.

Tbh, a click pencil and a bit of paper will get you a long way as bare bones bujo supplies go.

Some are better than others so try a few brands. My personal fave? A freebie with the glosjobs logo on it. See? Bujo supplies don’t always have to cost the earth.

Its pretty much how Johanna Basford has built her empire. And if you want a masterclass in doodling for your bujo then I highly recommend her Inky art school tutorials.

Thats another fab community that has really upped my bujo game. Johanna also has a rather lovely set of notebooks just saying…


If lettering is your thing, Tombows are an essential bit of your bujo kit. I have a couple of black ones as I use midliners for colour and highlights.

I’ve still not really got the fancy header thing down but these suit a beginner and you can create some cool effects pretty easily. And if you want to get to grips with lettering I highly recommend Under the Rowan Trees sets the Stationery Addicts group for sneak peeks and offers. Danielle has recently launched Rowan Berry Box subscriptions which is a very cost effective way of getting your hands on a host of fabulous bujo supplies.

White gel pen

A white gel pen is as to magpies of bujo supplies what Tipp-Ex was to the students of my era. A must have to white out those errors. Of course, not so much if you have a lovely black-leaf journal. Then a good old black marker will do.

There are loads of fancy brands on the market. I use a trusty uni ball which you can pick up for less than £3


Another ‘cheat’ to instantly liven up the scruffiest of scribbles.

There seems to be an anti-arty party in bujo at the moment. And its true – you absolutely do not have to have a fancy fully illustrated beautiful bullet journal.

But … in these crazy times I believe slowing down and making doodling or sketching part of your day – whatever your artistic level holds fantastic mental health benefits.

And if your journal becomes something you enjoy looking at its going to be hugely more effective than just another notebook of to-do lists.

These are by one of my bujo heroes Hannah Maria Plans. Super glossy, they’ve really inspired some gorgeous spreads.

Ok . You’ve got the essentials. Lets embrace some advanced bullet journal beauty.

The Arty party



Colouring pencils are fine. No show through and inexpensive. (Check out my bujo heroes for inspiration.) I’ve heard great things about Castle Art crayons for layering and blending. I love Arteza for paint and brush pens.

I use MozArt watercolour paints because they have lovely high pigment and great metallics. Check out this Watercolour mandala which I created with them.

Brush pens

I’ve never really got to grips with brush pens but if I were to get serious, I’d go for these watercolour ones from CHROMATEK. Time and time again they seem to be the watercolourists go-to bujo supplies.

But, having tried various brush pens watercolours, felt tips and crayons I always got show through.

Which kind of defeated the point in splashing out on a nice thick paper A&O journal.


The game changer for me was gouache. No matter how thick the paper, I never got the effect I wanted in my bullet journal without resorting to watercolour paper.

Which kind of defeated the point in splashing out on a nice thick paper A&O journal.

My first gouache paint set. Hop over to my Instagram. I used this to create the wave picture in the spread above.

Many other bujo artists have no issues using watercolours in their journals so don’t take my word for it – just personal preference.

And I still use watercolour paper for the odd page but I tend to stick to pencil crayons and gouache.

More examples are on my Instagram account

And follow my bujo Pinterest board

So thats it. Over to you. What are your go-to Bujo supplies? I’d love to hear what stationery you cannot live without

Thank you to Danielle of Under the Rowan Trees for permission to use images and links to her Stationery Addicts group

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