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Turtle power pebble pet

Turtle power pebble pet. Perfect for those anxious or worried about going back to school. A little pick me up which can be kept hidden away in a pocket, bag or kept in a special secret place. Harness the ninja power and remember it’s ok to take things slow. One day at a time.

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Sometimes we all need a bit of Turtle Power to get us through the day. Perfect little clay pebble pet to slip in a pocket or school bag.

Its often the smallest acts of kindness, the little gestures which mean so much. Having a little tactile turtle power pebble pet to hold and feel will mean so much. With this little pocket-sized pebble, which can sit on their desk or be carried around in a pocket, they’ll know how much you value them.

Shiny eyes, a smile, a tough shell to ward off trouble and tiny little green ninja fists to bash those worries away!

You will receive:

*One turtle polymer clay little charm with cute face.

Approximately 1 inch

To minimize shipping costs your item will be posted in a padded envelope.

Please note may present a chocking hazard to small children. Suitable for 8+


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